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  • Preserving the youthful look and sharing the process of becoming more beautiful to all Vietnamese who love beautifying themselves, and hence contributing to honor the Vietnamese beauty – those are the goals of Ms. Thanh Hang—Chairperson of Thanhhang Corporation’s Board of Directors. Thanhhang Corporation is famous for Jessian Bridal, HongKong Studio...
  • This was her motivation to found and direct Beauty Medi Clinic, a new chapter and a revolution in Vietnam’s beauty scene.
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Beauty Medi is the first clinic in Vietnam to employ experienced doctors, surgeons and specialists who come from cosmetic-treatment powerhouses such as the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and the Netherlands to consult and directly treat customers.

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With an elegant, luxurious and private setting, and our professional and dedicated staff, Beauty Medi has delivered an experience with professional beauty services, an elegant and natural beauty.

One more important thing is that, any customers who come to Thanh Hang Beauty Medi have a strong belief that Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is truly an accompany to preserve their youth and praise their beauty.

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Our services are integrated into a holistic and self-sufficient program. We boast a wide range of treatments, from basic skincare to rejuvenating dehydrated skin, to more specific processes such as skin pigmentation control, scar reduction, facelift, slimming and fat removal. All treatments follow the strictest quality-control protocols for a modern world-class beauty clinic, serving all treatment regarding skin and body shape.

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Give everyone no matter you are male or female the best beauty service to preserve your youth, your skin and your body, so as to finally satisfy your dream of being younger and younger.

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