Shin Kyoung Mi
Nationality: Korean
Specialist: Cosmetic laser, cosmetic airbrushing, Plastic Injection
Specialty: cosmetic laser, wrinkle removal and rejuvenation with Botox &Restylane treatment, and cosmetic airbrushing.
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 0020382/BYT - CCHN



Many people, even the artists spend a lot of time on brushing eyebrows, eyeliner as pretty and fashion as possible. There is a different way to have a natural beauty, and that is Korean airbrushing, which is performed by Dr. Shin Kyoung Mi, the golden hand in aesthetic airbrushing at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.

With 20 years of experiences in aesthetic embroidering, laser and injecting industry, Dr.Shin has satisfied tens of thousands customers and among them, there are Korean and Vietnamese showbiz such as Miss Dieu Hoa, Dam Luu Ly, Nguyen Thi Huyen, Movie Actress Kim Thu, Singer Dam Vinh Hung... “Good wine needs no bush”, many customers have to book for a week to be treated by Dr.Shin, embroider balanced eyebrows or a line close to eyelids to help eyes become bigger and all of them are beautiful as natural as you were born with them. 

The Differences Between Airbrushing and traditional tattooing

Airbrushing is completely different from traditional tattooing. Tattooing brings dark colored and unnatural look eyebrows, while airbrushing brings natural ones to you, which is match with your skin and your hair color.

Korean Airbrushing Technology
  • Natural beauty
  • No pain, no swell, no need for time to recover
  • Update with the latest Korean trend and match with skin color, hair color and facial shape.
Phun Theu Long May 20

Dr. Shin Kyoung Mi is carrying out airbrushing for Miss Vietnam World 2014 Tuong Vy. 

The Differences Between Airbrushing Service At Thanh Hang Beauty Medi And Others

Unlike tattoo in Vietnam, embroidering and spraying of Dr.Shin is not too bold and artificial. It is clear and color-changeable. Your eyebrows, eyes and lips will be pretty in everywhere and in anytime, even when your face is wet or you swim. And you still can use lipstick and coloring your eyelids with your favorite colors.

The result of this embroidering and spraying technology can last for 2 years, when make-up trend changes, you can spray again with the latest fashion trend.

This is a wonderful combination between skilful talent of aesthetic expert from Korea and natural embroidering technology, no pain and no swell.

The Differences Between Korean Doctors and Vietnamese Doctors.

Have you ever wonder: Why are many Korean actors so beautiful? Why did they get through aesthetic surgery but still looks natural, modern and fresh like Asian women?

The answer is that: Korean technology is different from technologies in other countries: 

  • Head to the most natural beauty.
  • Follow the modern trend in the world
  • Advanced technology and distinguish method
  • Gain much more experience and worldwide recognition of aesthetics.

Before and After Photos

Phun Theu Long May Ba 1Phun Theu Long May Ba 2

It’s not by accident that Korea can become a powerful country about aesthetic services. And it is also not by accident that Korean singers and actors/actresses can own a natural beauty which is perfect inch by inch..


Actress Diem My using Korean eyebrows airbrushing, eyeliner and lips airbrushing

Enjoying the new and modern aesthetic in the world, as well as being treated by experienced Korean doctors, Korean artists have been forming their own style, which is considered as natural, fresh and modern Asian beauty

Shin Kyoung Mi Kh4Diva Thanh Lam, actress Diem My, Excellent Actress Chieu Xuan, actor Truong Minh Cuong and Ms. Dang Thanh Hang are taking photo with Dr. Shin Kyoung Mi at Beauty Medi.

Every day, a woman often spends at least half an hour to make up before going out. However, making-up also takes quite much time for women and its disadvantage is very easy to dirty, blur or removed after few hours of walking or working – and this make women always have to prepare make-up tools to take care of themselves. Therefore, eternal aesthetic beautifying technology is a solution chosen by many people.

Phun Theu Long May Ba 3

With talented hands and many experience years in aesthetic embroidering industry in Korea, Dr.Shin Kyoung Mi in Thanh Hang beauty medi Skin Clinic & Spa will help you forget all of your worries about make-up face by modern Korean aesthetic embroidering technology. It will be very easy for you to have the most natural lines with graceful eyebrows, deep and beautiful eyes and charming lips in every time and in everywhere, without any make-up.

Truong My Nhan Ba

Model Truong My Nhan using eyebrows, eyeliners and lips airbrushing

Experiencing with this latest embroidering technology, you will not have to worry about long-lasting time to rest due to swells after embroidering, because modern technology and treatment of embroidering doctor from Korea will guarantee the most natural aesthetic result for you without any swells and any pains.


Phun Theu Long May Ba 6

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