Shin Kyoung Mi
Nationality: Korean
Specialist: Cosmetic laser, cosmetic airbrushing, Plastic Injection
Specialty: cosmetic laser, wrinkle removal and rejuvenation with Botox &Restylane treatment, and cosmetic airbrushing.
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 0020382/BYT - CCHN
Bs Hoang Thi Bich Nguyet
Nationality: Viet Nam
Specialty: Dermatology and laser treatment
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 000558/BYT – CCHN

Theraclear is approved by FDA as a 100% safe and efficient treatment method for all types of pimples (blackheads, papules, pustules, or nodules and cystic acne) without leaving any complications or side effects visible on the skin effects of theraclear.

Acne is a disease resulted from the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which produce oil for the skin. However, this process may be disrupt, which leads to a lot of sebum on the skin and helps the bacteria develop. Sebaceous glands are mainly on the face, breast, back, neck and scalp, where there is always lots of acne. Either Washing our faces or using facial foam every day does not clean up all the sebum and the bacteria under the hair follicles. Bacteria develop rapidly, sebum remains and widen the follicles, which results in acne.

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Theraclear is a method using light pulse and vacuum suction to eliminate acne. This is the first and the only method in the world that has consecutive cooling function to bring comfort and pleasure to the customers. Theraclear is approved by FDA as a 100% safe and efficient treatment method for all types of pimples

Functions of Theraclear:

With vacuum suction technology, oil and dead cells under the skin are extracted to the surface, thus clearing the congested hair follicle. Light strobe eliminates pus, bacteria and reduces the production of oil.

Theraclear technology can treat acne problems with 50% improvement after first treatment and 90% after 4 treatments of serious acne.

Theraclear also clears and cleans hair follicles, which aids the absorption of anti-bacterial gel, hence killing bacteria on the skin.

Eradicates all types of acne: blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, cysts and nodules…

Cosmetic benefits: no side effects from acne inflammation after treatment; enhancing skin brightness, reducing hair follicle size, improving skin structure, preventing acne from reappearing.

Theraclear only targets the acne region and immediately dries and smoothens damaged region, delivering fast result, effective even for clients who are antibiotics resistant.

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Questions Regarding theraclear treatment:

What is the duration of the treatment ?

The duration of Theraclear treatment depends on the size of acne region. Normal duration lasts 10 minutes.

What is the number of treatments ?

This depends on the condition of acne. Treatment may last 4-5 times.

How long does the result last ?

For acne formed due to external factors such as environment or make-up, Theraclear can remove them permanently. However, acne formed due to hormones may reappear after Theraclear treatment. In that case, a new Theraclear treatment is necessary.

How does it feel during treatment ?

Theraclear treatment is painless. The skin looks normal or slightly pink and will become normal again after 10-15 minutes.

Do you see immediate improvements ?

Right after Theraclear treatment, you will see that the pimple head under the skin is removed from the skin surface without any damage to the skin.

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The origin of acne ?

Acnes are a mixed result of various causes of mutual effects. According to previous researches, acnes are affected by two main influences: hormone and follicle bacteria (P. ance bacteria).

Normally, P. ance bacteria are harmless. However, excessive amount of slime coupled with closed pores is a perfect habitat for the proliferation of bacteria, creating acnes and in some more severe cases, mucus.

During adolescence, rising hormone volume boosts the activities of sebaceous gland. Once sebum is emitted, sebaceous glands may be congested, resulting in the formation of acnes. Women before their menstrual cycle are also susceptible to acnes due to turbulences in hormones, apart from their adolescence. Besides, women in their 40s or 50s or several years before menopause may be affected by acnes because of treacherous hormone volumes.

 Customer after using acne treatment at Beauty Medi.

White pimples: Pimples lying beneath closed pores (also called closed pimples).

Black pimples: Black pimples are pimples lying beneath open pores (also known as open pimples), which makes it exposed to oxygen and turn black. When squeezing the pimples, we can see the hard black core and surrounding blurry white mucus. Black pimples are the earliest wound of acnes that can escalate into inflammatory acnes without timely treatments.

Pus acnes and vestibular rashes: On follicles (pores) there is a type of bacteria that proliferates thanks to follicle sebum. They cause inflammations and painful swelling acnes. Slight inflammations cause pus acnes. Once the inflammation penetrates deep beneath the skin, vestibular rashes are created (the most severe level of acnes). Vestibular rashes are usually painful and will leave scars after being healed.

Acnes are divided into two groups: non-inflammatory and inflammatory. Non-inflammatory acnes include white pimples and black pimples (generally called pimples or pimple cores, which are follicles full of sebum). Inflammatory acnes include pus acnes and vestibular rashes.

Excessive congested sebum on pores is likely to create pimples. The wide variety of acnes is the result of different complications of pimples.

Customer after using acne treatment at Beauty Medi.

Acnes are not the result of any independent cause. As mentioned above, two main reasons for acne proliferation are hormones and P.ance bacteria on follicles. However, there are in fact a dozen of reasons to impact hormones in our bodies.

Women are susceptible to acnes in at least one of these four following cases:

Imbalance of hormones: that causes the excessive emission of sebum and ensuing follicle congestion.

Toxic accumulation: Once our bowels and livers fail to filter all toxics from foods, residues are supposed to be filtered by lungs and skin.

Lack of nutrients: In close association with toxic accumulation.

Stress: Some doctors may deny disapprove of this cause of acnes. In case of a single element of stress, these doctors are right. However, prolonged stresses may affect hormone stability that causes acnes.

Insomnia: Also a reason of hormone imbalance. A sound sleep is crucial for the entire body to recreate, which is also a time to eliminate toxics harmful for our health.

Genes: This is an unchangeable factor. However, it’s notable that genetic causes alone are unlikely to cause acnes, but also other elements.

Customer after using acne treatment at Beauty Medi.

Ion transport of vitamins A and E helps detoxify the skin, remove dead cells and give the skin new brightness. It also facilitates cells to develop and absorb nutrients better from creams.

The latest NewIPL technology allows automatic wavelength self-adjustment to eliminate Propi-onibacterium Acnes (P.Acnes) and bring best result to the acne skin.

Frequent skincare is to enhance moisture and absorption of other nutrients.

Warnings: You are recommended with specific acne treatments after IPL acne treatments in combination with Serum treatment for the best outcomes possible.

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