Shin Kyoung Mi
Nationality: Korean
Specialist: Cosmetic laser, cosmetic airbrushing, Plastic Injection
Specialty: cosmetic laser, wrinkle removal and rejuvenation with Botox &Restylane treatment, and cosmetic airbrushing.
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 0020382/BYT - CCHN
Dam Thi Thuy Hong
Nationality: Viet Nam
Specialty: Dermatology and laser treatment
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 000163/HNO – CCHN
Bs Hoang Thi Bich Nguyet
Nationality: Viet Nam
Specialty: Dermatology and laser treatment
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 000558/BYT – CCHN



Revlite, an innovative and unique laser technology masterpiece dubbed the flagship of beauty clinics, has revolutionized the field of cosmetic laser and made the beauty dreams of millions come true.

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"I received my good feedback about Thanh Hang Beauty from many celebreties. Upon coming to Thang Hang Beauty Medi, I really impressed with the professional doctors and staffs. In my opinion, men should also be equal to women when it comes to beautification. Because today’s life strives towards beauty and perfection. I have spent a considerable amount of time to regularly undergo skincare treatments at Thang Hang Beauty Medi."

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Revlite is a leap in the beauty industry and was invented by Hoya Conbio Co. in Fremont, California – a branch company of Hoya Group which is a pioneer in investing US$2.5 billion in optic treatments and medical facilities.

Main function of Revlite machine is the PhotoAcoustic Therapy Pulse technology with frequency doubled that allows Revlite to magnify energy towards target molecules at an intense level to put in motion and crush target molecules. When crushing molecules, Revlite makes a natural upward push of these molecules out of follicles. This helps clean follicles and narrows them to the initial size.

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In addition, with this technology that creates max energy, Revlite is able to transmit energies deeper into tissues and stimulate the formation of collagen at an unseen level no equipment else could achieve. Revlite generates a capacity nearly 60% stronger than that of previous laser technologies that are already fairly safe and convenient to patients.

As a result, Revlite makes a deeper penetration into skin and broader skin coverage, which in turn reduces treatments and brings back equally brilliant outcomes. Revlite offers patients a sophisticated and flawless combination during the skin cleansing and energizing process along with skin rejuvenation thanks to strong stimulus of collagen formation that enables continual improvements of skin in following months and enhance your skin elasticity and softness.

Hence, Revlite brings back some amazing results in some of the most popular treatments such as facial wrinkle erasure, pigmentation erasure, freckle removal, skin whitening and enhancement, even tattoo removal and permanent hair removal without convalescence or any harmful bleeding. In particular, in term of improvements of scar induced skin injuries, Revlite is always ranked top. With less than 5 treatments, Revlite is supposed to bring you a flawless skin both in quality and outer colors of your skin.

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Advanced laser technologies with the latest achievement being Revlite machine are considered as a trump card in the beauty industry and a breakthrough of laser cosmetic surgery to make the beauty dream of millions of people come true.

Revlite is an FDA-approved technology for safety and efficiency. Revlite can fix skin damage related to melanin pigments in the dermis and epidermis, erase tattoos, and reconstruct the skin surface in a non-invasive manner, reducing wrinkles and acne, removing hair and treating damaged surface blood vessels.

For healthy skin, Revlite can be used in conjunction with Ion C electro-transfer to give amazing youthful-looking skin and invisible pores. You won’t even feel the need to put on makeup before going out.

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