Nam Seong Han
Nationality: Korean
Specialist: Cosmetic Surgeon.
specialty: Muscle lifting injection via fiber
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 0016083/BYT – CCHN



The most common rhinoplasty method is nose surgery and artificial cartilage. However, for clients who do not wish to go through surgery, or those who desire a beautiful nose without a period of swelling after operation, or those who have special nasal shape which is difficult to insert artificial cartilage, filler is the ideal rhinoplasty method.

Nasal filling can be done using Perform or Volume, compounds whose structures resemble human cells, thus are safe, certified as CE by European standard, and also certified by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration, under Ministry of Health of Korea) and FDA (USA), as safe. These compounds are also used all over the world in internal plastic surgery (shaping lips, nose, chin, … filling wrinkles). This is the preferred method and widely used in Korea, Japan, Singapore… This method delivers the similar results to ordinary plastic surgery, but is a faster and safer way to bring about a natural look.

Profi Tao Hinh Mui
Tiem Tao Hinh Cam 18
Dr. Shin Kyoung Mi is using injection method to create V-line chin for Golden Prize Miss Asia Truong My Nhan

Before and After Photos

Tiem Tao Hinh Cam Ba 2Tiem Tao Hinh Cam Ba 3

This gentle procedure however requires advanced skills from doctors. Anesthetic injection is unnecessary, but exposure to anesthetics for 20-30 minutes will render injection painless.

At Beauty Medi, we have South Korea's expert Seong Han, who is also teaching in the field of cosmetic injections in Korea. With his talented hands, only one filler injection will shape your chin and nose beautifully, with effect lasting 18 months for Volume and 3 to 5 years with Perform.

The advantage of this approach for rhinoplasty with Filler:

- LOne-time operation, beautiful and non-invasive, recovery period is not required.

- Safe, risk-free, immediate effect

- Nose looks naturally long and high.

In the injection process, clients can see the change and can adjust the height of the nose with the delicate adjustment of doctors, whereas in plastic surgery, customers need at least 3 months to realize the elevation of the nose.

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