ThS.BS.Kim In Chul
Nationality: Korean
Specialist: Cosmetic Surgery
Specialty: Eyes breast implants and body contours surgery
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 0016084/BYT – CCHN

Doctors of Thanh Hang beauty medi has nearly 20 years in the industry specializing in cosmetic surgery and surgery for singers, actors and other VIP's Republic of Korea.


There are many reasons but the most important reason is the aesthetic surgeon Korea are pursuing natural beauty. This is totally different from cosmetic surgery in other countries.

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Perhaps because the eyes are the windows to the soul that 70% men said that the women’s body part that captures their attention most is the eyes, not the breast, waist or hip.

Many women search for beauty services for the eyes but end up with undesirable result: wide-opened eyes, revealing scars. Having beautiful eyes depends 99% on the skills of the doctor. Uderstanding the importance of the eyes, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi invited Dr Kim In Chul, specialist in eyelid surgery (also called bleph -aroplasty), breast and body contour surgery, master of Medicine in Plastic Surgery from National u niversity of Seoul, also a member of the American and Japanese Association of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Kim will himself diagnose, consult and operate the clients of Beauty Medi. With 20 years of experience, Dr Kim In Chul has brought beau-tiful eyes to thousands of clients, including many VIPs and Korean entertainment stars.

After 5 years working at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, hundreds of clients were satisfied with the magical results that Dr Kim In Chul has brought. Single eyelids became double eyelids; small eyes became bigger; eyes were fixed to be more symmetrical, sunken eyelids were treated, un-wanted skin was removed. unsuccessful previous eye surgery by oth -er beauty clinics was fixed. Swelling stopped after 1 week, and result could be seen after 1 month. After 3 month, eyes were naturally beau -tiful without any scar. Friends who have not met you before would not even notice that you have gone through eye surgery. For eyebag re -moval, there is no swelling or pain, and you look 10 years younger just one week after operation.

Before and After Photos

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You do not need to fly to Korea, no airfare, hotel, spending money and effort to choose the good doctor ... etc. ... while surgery can do the same quality at Thanh Hang beauty medi and much more convenient. Doctors at Thanh Hang beauty medi skills can make the world's highest and customers receive great skill that even in Vietnam. Moreover, you are entitled to better treatment and most advanced in Thanh Hang beauty medi . CThe Beauty Doctor of medi nearly 20 years experience and specializes in surgery for the actors and the Korean VIP.

In fact, double eyelid surgery, eye puffiness or larger are the type of surgery is not complicated but requires skills and skills of the doctors is very high. Depending on each client with different characteristics age, facial structure, your doctor will give advice so that the surgical procedure provides the highest aesthetic effect. Especially with the esthetician Korea, how can the customer get the most natural beauty is always a factor to be placed on top. The more early intervention, your eyes will be more natural and more rapid recovery. By conducting early intervention in the eye, the skin at this age are very good elasticity so will promote early recovery process after surgery. Also, early surgery also helps bring more natural to the eye by not interfering too deeply into the inherent structure and capabilities of youth recover more older women..

Speaking of Korean plastic surgery, then one must also recognize it is No. 1 today. Having a beautiful face with harmonious lines is desired by many people, regardless of male or female, young or old age. However, as children, the beauty needs and the desire to have a beautiful face increasingly powerful. Because this is the age that the asserted itself ever more strongly. If not satisfied with the lines on my face, you absolutely can interfere with surgery. In this way, the youth will have more confidence in communication and life, which makes me more beautiful in the eyes of the opposite sex. This will bring the opportunity to meet the central idea of the ideal and have a happier life in future.

Moreover, Korean doctors also named as number 1 artisan to creating harmony for the face (eyes, nose, chin and body). Importantly, you must choose the Korean doctors who had many years’ experience in plastic surgery.

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