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For drooped eyelids and accumulated fat under lower eyelids which look like droopy bags

Senile Entropion Repair Increase Facial Elasticity, decrease aging signs aging makes skin droopy and eyelids come lower, and accumulates fat under lower eyelids which look like droopy bags

What is “Eyelid lowering surgery” ?
  • When getting older, our skin lose the skin elasticity, eyelids become lower and accumulates fat unde drrpr eyelids. This surgery is suitable for all these circumstances and for both upper and lower blepharoplasty
  • Removing the eyelid lowering but do not makes the face becomes fierce is the top priority of this surgery and also applies for double fold surgery.
  • Natural beautiful eyes
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  • Widely apply for removing aging skin and blepharoplasty
  • To compare with the others techniques which are just cut off the eyelids but do not create eyelids and removing the skin around eyelashes
  • We suggest the patients that should do Eyebrow Elevating Surgery “state-of –the-art Endotine Brow Lift Surgery” to removing the aging signs at foreheard, eyebrow, eyelids at one time without scars.
  • There are several techniques in this type of surgery that will be attached according to the severity of lower eyelids drooping.
  • Lower eyelids are also thining and drooping as aging. With loosening muscle and demarcation tissues, fat bags are also drooping and more prominent which leads to shady and dark part under eyes.
  • Drooping eye bags and dark circles make much dark and old look, so it is recommended to get an early fix.
  • Surgery techniques are varying on the severity of drooping; from excision of droopy skin under lower eyelash, to excision of droopy skin and removal/relocation of fat, to removing fat only through conjunctiva

- Cases with Droopy Skin Only.

The procedure removes droopy skin and orbicular muscle of eyes only

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- Cases with Droopy Skin and Protruding Fat Bag

This is a cutting-edge procedure not requiring removal of fat. The procedure just relocates eye fat to the periosteum of inferior orbital fissure so as to even the surface.

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- Cases with Fat Bag and Dark Circles (Mostly Women in their 30s)

The procedure removes fat through conjunctiva on the lower eyelids, which leaves no visible scar and requires a short recovery time.

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03. Brow Lift

Drooped eyelids can lead to festered skin or sore skin with inflammation. They also block view which is disturbing daily life. Brow lift is a technique for the people with double eyelids whose eyelids are dropping or the people who want to lift drooped eyelids without making double eyelids. It is a technique removing wrinkles through eyebrow incision.

Before and after Ptosis correction surgery ?
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Left: Closed eyes

Center: normal eye opening muscle function

Right: weak muscle function – look drowsy and tired

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With strengthening eyelid opening muscle

create cleared double fold line and bigger eye

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