Nam Seong Han
Nationality: Korean
Specialist: Cosmetic Surgeon.
specialty: Muscle lifting injection via fiber
Number of Certificate in Viet Nam 0016083/BYT – CCHN


with cosmetic thread

Similar to Thermage, muscle lifting and face slimming are non-invasive, less time-consuming. However, the treatment result with cosmetic thread is more effective and long lasting. Especially for aging, sagging skin, only cosmetic thread can fix the problem. This cosmetic thread method is certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration, under the Ministry of Health) for safety and efficiency.

The cosmetic thread method is only employed in prestigious beauty clinics that use the correct type of thread. This technique should only be operated by Korean doctors who have had many years of experience.

Profi Nang Co Chi Y Khoa
Dam Vinh Hung Pro

Singer Dam Vinh Hung

“Upon coming to Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, I extremely surprised that Vietnam would have such a top notch beauty clinic and spa. I really addicted to rejuvenate skin by Thermage treatment and L.A.C.S lifting to slim facial contouring. If you want have a natural youthful- looking appearance, Thang Hang Beauty Medi will be your number 1 choice”

Bs Nam Chup Voi Dam Vinh Hung
Singer Dam Vinh Hung with Dr Nam Seong Han at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi

Before and After Photos

Dam Vinh Hung Ba

Singer Dam Vinh Hung after using LA.C.S lifting with 99,99% pure gold.

Comparison with other cosmetic thread methods:

Ultra-V cosmetic thread is popular in Vietnam, but in fact this is only facial contraction technique and not muscle lifting. In this method, the thread barely goes under the skin, thus the technique does not require advanced skills from doctors and is less effective for people over the age of 40. The technique of muscle lifting and skin stretching using LACS lifting thread (Less Access Cranial Suspension), employed at Beauty Medi, is truly effective as it uses the special thread and is carried out by Dr. Nam Seong Han, M.D. This technique requires high skills and advanced techniques.

Muscle lifting using LACS lifting (Less Access Cranial Suspension) technique

The acupuncture needle brings in, arranges and fixes the position of the thread, creating a stable network to lift muscles and skin immediately. This is analogous to creating the iron net before concreting. This thread stimulates the body to activate the increase of collagen and elastin under the skin, hence maintain the elasticity of the skin even after the thread has dissolved. Thus, the effectiveness of this method lasts for a long time.

Thanks to the self-dissolved thread and acupuncture needle, instead of incisive method with the fat layer under the skin, clients treated with this technology do not suffer from pain, swelling, and do not need resting time.



Who should use this technique?

This technique is ideal for people over the age of 45, when Thermage technique is not as effective. Younger people can also employ this method for V-line face,beautiful cheek-bone,… to acquire a long lasting beautiful look. This method is not restricted by age, so it is applicable to anyone with sagging skin and deep wrinkles.

Duration of treatment:

Duration of treatment is fast, from 45-60 minutes. This technique must be carried out by plastic surgeon, with recovery time of 3-5 days. The result is maintained for 3-5 years.

Any side effects?

After the operation, the surrounding skin may swell slightly but will be normal after 3-5 days. The result is visible immediately and will last for several years

Notable advantages?

Compared to other common facial lifting surgery, apart from the high effectiveness in avoiding damage or scar, in reducing pain and recovery time, this technique has another advantage of producing a natural look. Depending on what the client desires, skin lifting can be done on all or part of the face. For younger people, applying the technique on 1 or 2 regions on the face is already sufficient for optimum effect.

Is it costly?

The cost depends on the skin condition of each client. Appropriate fee will be proposed for highest effectiveness after treatment.


  • Youthful face and smooth skin.
  • Remove wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • No recovery time after operation.
  • Absolutely safe, non-invasive technique, leaving no scar.
  • Long lasting effect.

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