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With the mission of improving Vietnamese beauty to help Vietnamese people become more beautiful and more confident every day. The head of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi Institute of Health and Beauty – Mrs. Dang Thanh Hang – Beauty advisor for 3 seasons of Miss Vietnam – always try to bring for customers the most high-class services and the best products.

Starting from the early 90s, Mrs. Thanh Hang decided to quit the state job and opened the first cosmetic shop at Ha Thanh in Hom market – Duc Vien. After 5 years, the bussiness woman  Dang Thanh Hang gave a daring decision to open the Hong Kong Wedding Studio service system. After that Thanh Hang Jessian Wedding Dress brand was born in 1997, this a reliable choice for thousands of couples, including celebrities.

In 2010, Mrs. Thanh Hang decided to enter another big game – the beauty field with the brand Thanh Hang Beauty Medi with a team of experienced doctors. This place has become the first choice for foreign politician’s wife when working in Vietnam, famous artists in the country.

Focusing on the high-end customer segment, from the early days with the brand of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, Thanh Hang made a difference that any beauty address cannot do. Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is a collection of the best, the most high-class and brings the highest beauty efficiency by the world’s leading foreign doctors from the US and South Korea that Mrs. Dang Thanh Hang invited to work.

During the development, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi has affirmed the position and reputation as the leading beauty & health care brand in Vietnam with 100% the team of PhD – Experts – Doctors got legally cerification from Ministry of health in Vietnam, with the advanced beauty technology recognized by US FDA for safety and effectiveness.

Thanh Hang Beauty Medi has opened a whole new chapter, a real revolution in the beauty field, not only for women but also for men. We contribute to perfecting the beauty for millions of customers who are Politicians, Businessmen & Celebrities.

Exclusive beauty services performed by leading doctors from US and Korea at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi:

  • High-tech aesthetic
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dematology
  • Plastic injection
  • Semi permanent makeup Beauty Line

With a luxurious space, completely private and professional service style, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi will bring to customers a high-class beauty service experience. Not only can help you find out a solution for skin and body shape, but also can help you stay youthful forever!


Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is the place for experienced experts and doctors in domestic and famous countries in beauty field such as US, Korea … consulting, serving and treating for clients directly.


In a luxurious, private space with professional service style, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi has brought to customers a high-class beauty service experience. Customers always consider this place as a best friend to help them keep the youth.

International standard

Thanh Hang Beauty Medi services are organized in a closed process. From basic skin care, dehydrated skin care, dry wrinkles … to special treatment services such as melasma, scar treatment, sagging facial muscles, aging, slimming, … is complied with the strictest service standards of a modern clinic, international standards, to meet all solutions for skin and body shape.

Even who you are

Thanh Hang Beauty Medi helps all Vietnamese people, whether men or women to use the most advanced beauty services to keep their youthful appearance with an age-free skin and beautiful shape.

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